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Top 10 Dental Marketing Articles from The Wealthy Dentist
DDental marketing is essential to the success of a dental practice and dental marketing is on the minds of many dentists as 2011 draws to a close. Dental practice marketing can be one of the dentist’s greatest challenges and in the current volatile economy. Click to continue to article…
Dentists Looking to 2012 for an Economic Upswing
Recent economic reports give U.S. economists hope that 2012 will be an improvement over 2011 and it seems there are many dentists who agree. “If the economy improves, as it should, we all should do better in 2012!” said one dentist. Click to continue to article…
Dental Office Embezzlement of $100,000 in Dental Insurance Payments
Dental office embezzlement is still alive and well in California. Deborah Lynn Kessler, 45, pleaded guilty to four counts of grand theft over charges that she embezzled more than $100,000 in dental insurance payments at the dental practice where where was manager. Click to continue to article…
Dental Survey: Lead is the Number One Dentist Concern (video)
Mercury and Fluoride, two chemicals that can be highly toxic, or highly helpful to dental health. Lead and Bisphenol A, two more scary chemicals that might be in our dental work. Click to watch the video…
Results Marketing
“We have had lots of new patients from our IDA dentist website. IDA explained that we would see the new patient response increase after six months, and they were right,” writes Dr. Myrna Pearce. Read more marketing stories…
Dentist Video Tutorial: “Maximum Case Acceptance
While annual fee increases are an important part of dental management, lots of dentists overlook raising dental fees – sometimes for years! If your practice hasn’t raised its fees in the past 6-12 months, then you’re not as profitable as you could be! Learn more about “Maximum Case Acceptance”…


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