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Dental Marketing: Powerful Reasons for Offering Daily Dental Deals – by Jim Du Molin
Dental insurance may be one way to attract new dental patients, but a new dental marketing player has emerged in 2011: daily deal offers. Approximately 9% of all offers on daily deal websites in November 2011 were for dental work. Click to continue to article…
Dental Marketing: 69% of Dentists Credit Dental Insurance
69% of dentists report that insurance, as a dental marketing tool, brings in new patients to their dental practice, while only 18% disclose that dental insurance doesn’t bring them new dental patients. Click to continue to article…
Dental Marketing and Management: Surveys Dentists Valued Most in 2011 – by Jim Du Molin
In a perfect dental practice, you’d know exactly what your dental patients were thinking and the best ways to market them. Unfortunately, dental marketing doesn’t work this way, so you’ve got to use the right marketing resources. Click to continue to article…
Buying High Tech Dental Equipment More Like Buying a Used Car (video)
High tech dental equipment can easily cost a dentist tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dentists get excited by the promise of new technology, but they balk at the high price tag. “Are you kidding?” one dentist commented in a survey. Click to watch the video…
Results Marketing
“I can honestly say the IDA marketing campaign gives me the best ROI (return on my investment dollar) over my other marketing investments. My IDA campaign costs the least and I get the best return,” writes Dr. Stanley H. Asensio of Orlando, Florida. Read more marketing stories…
Yellow Pages Dental Marketing Tutorial
You really can get $100,000 a year from your phone book ad! The key to success in phone book marketing is to have a professionally designed ad that is one size bigger than your nearest geographic competitor. Learn more about “Phone Book Marketing”…


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