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Dentist Discovers a Way to Snuff Out Cigar Smoke
Florida Dentist Edmund Rahal was sick of his dental practice smelling like the cigar shop next door. He decided to take matters into his own hands. Last week, he visited Hillsborough County Circuit Court to ask a judge to issue an injunction. Click to continue to article…
All Impacted Wisdom Teeth Can Be Removed By Dentists, Survey Reveals
18% of dentists feel impacted wisdom teeth do not need to be removed, but if they do, 76% feel GPs are qualified to remove most impacted wisdom teeth. One dentist stated, “All dentists are qualified to pull teeth.” Click to continue to article…
Dental Marketing with Smile Cards
Word-of-mouth dental marketing-the spoken word carries great weight. The fact that one person believes something tends to convince another person that it must be true, else why would he/she have said it? Strangely, word-of-mouth is the most neglected of all the forces at work in a dental marketing. Click to continue to article…
Dental Marketing: The Power of Words (video)
Dental marketing is an opportunity to reinforce your dental practice, market your dental treatments and build your name online. Using the right dental marketing phrases can create a connection with new dental patients and establish credibility. Click to watch the video…
Results Marketing
“My IDA marketing program is extremely effective and cost efficient. We average 20 new patients per month via the website. Plus, attracts 3-5 additional patients per month,” writes Dr. Mark Mancin of Gladstone, Missouri. Read more marketing stories…
Setting Dental Fees for Maximum Case Acceptance” Video Tutorial Special
While annual fee increases are an important part of dental management, lots of dentists overlook raising dental fees — sometimes for years! If your practice hasn’t raised its fees in the past 6-12 months, then you’re not as profitable as you could be! This week we are offering this amazing program at half off! Learn more about “Setting Dental Fees”…


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