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Warning: How Negative Dental Marketing Works
Talk about the wrong kind of dental marketing! Imagine coming into your dental practice one morning to discover that a Hepititius warning about your office had been distributed to your dental patients by your local health services office? Click to continue to article…
General Dental Patients Are the Most Profitable For Dentists
For most dental practices, a certain percentage of dental patients drive the majority of profits. But you might be surprised to learn that the more extensive dental treatment patients may not necessarily be the best profit-drivers. Click to continue to article…
Dental Marketing: Some Straight Talk About Google Plus
More than ever, your dental marketing plan needs to include Google Plus. The new Search Plus Your World algorithm seems to be leading to continued consumer adoption of the top brands on Google+. Click to continue to article…
Internet Dental Marketing: How Google Search Plus Your World Works (video)
Are you curious how the changes to Google search will impact your Internet dental marketing? Search Plus Your World is what Google is calling their personal search algorithm intended for the users of Google Plus. Click to watch the video…
Results Marketing
“On average, our IDA website brings in 2-4 patients per month. We find that these patients complete their treatment plans – they want to have their dentistry over and done with,” writes Dr. Mark Corn of Elkhard, Indiana. Read more marketing stories…
Dentist Video Tutorial: “Internal Marketing
This 4-phase program can quadruple your internal marketing response! The basic rule of all marketing is to start with the patients you have and ask them to refer other patients just like themselves. However, this only works if you want more patients like the ones you have, and if you know how to ask for the referral. Learn more about “Internal Marketing”…


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